Web-based CAPTCHA System For Bots

Tired of paying 2 to 5 cents for each CAPTCHA...? Do you have your own cheaper team and want them to type the CAPTCHAs remotely for you, integrated with the most well-known social networking bots by JETBots.com. SolveMyCAPTCHA.com is here for you. Or if you want us to create a custom bot integrated with SolveMyCAPTCHA.com system. Please contact us.

Please check Client Login, here you can manage your workers, check their stats, add/remove the workers account etc. (Demo account is set-up and the login detail is available on the Client's login page).

Your workers will login here and they will see the CAPTCHAs in real-time (no need to refresh manually) and they will just type the CAPTCHAs and press Enter continuously. The response will get back to the application and it will bypass the CAPTCHA. (Demo account details is available on the Worker's login page).

*We are constantly adding new and more advanced stats in our Clients and Workers admin panels.

How much does it cost? Option 1: There is a fee of $500 USD/month (NO Setup Fees!) for our services. If you are interested in our services and us to set-up and account for you, you can buy it here.

$500 USD/month only
(With 30 Workers Included)
($100 per one worker additionally)


Option 2: If you would like to set this service on your own server and not willing to pay monthly, you can buy the service here. There is no special requirement for your server. The script is a resource saver and it can run smoothly, on any shared hosting allowing ASP.net. Thats it!!

$5000 USD ONE TIME FEE only
(With 10 Workers Included)
($100 per one worker additionally)


Option 3: Talked with our CS representative for special pricing? Enter the reference number below to complete your order:

Reference Number:
Please email us at SolveMyCAPTCHA.com@Gmail.com for custom pricing

If you have any questions, please contact us at SolveMyCAPTCHA.com *at* Gmail.com for more details. Payments are non-refundable and administrative charges will be charged incase of any sort of fraudulent chargebacks.

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